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The Magic of UGC: Great Content That Builds Trust

Social media has become the most effective tool in our owned media marketing toolkit. But the key to its viral potential is authentic storytelling. Brands on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other platforms engage their audiences through stories that touch our emotions — and there is no better way to infuse real emotion than through User […]

3 important steps for making your BID more accessible

BY KARENNA CASE Leading up to the start of the Tokyo Paralympics, some of the world’s prominent landmarks and stadiums recently lit up in purple lights to show support for the #WeThe15 movement. This movement aims to end discrimination toward people with disabilities by including disabilities with diversity and inclusion initiatives.  A powerful #Wethe15 campaign […]

White Paper: How effective communication can help your BID thrive

Communication is an essential part of any Business Improvement District. Whether you’re just getting started, inviting people to visit or shop, or navigating an emergency situation, communication is key to your success. For 18 years, Verdin has helped clients achieve their goals during every step of the communications process. We have distilled some of our […]

How to create a cooperative advertising plan for your BID

What do you think of when you hear the word co-op? Perhaps a farmer-owned health food store or a housing association. When the Verdin team hears co-op, we think of savvy advertising plans that leverage marketing dollars exponentially. Many of our clients have some kind of cooperative, or co-op, arrangement with their partner organizations. If […]

Mental health takes center stage at 2021 Wellness Kickoff

Close to 80 people made time for their mental health—and donated to improve the mental health of others—at the 2021 Wellness Kickoff on Jan. 28. The event raised a total of $2,414.50 for Transitions-Mental Health Association’s newly renamed Central Coast Hotline. Attendees joined Verdin President and CSO Mary Verdin and TMHA Executive Director Jill Bolster-White […]

Are masks essential to a brand’s advertising success?

To mask or not to mask? That’s a question on many advertisers’ minds right now when planning new campaigns. The decision of whether to include masks popped up recently during Super Bowl LV, with almost every brand landing squarely on Team No Masks. (Masks are donned by the Jason-Alexander-loving teen and a group of men […]

3 tips to get laughs—not a social gaff—with your advertising

Think of the last ad you remember liking. Did it make you laugh? Odds are that it did. Researchers in various fields have found that humor boosts memory retention. This is because smiling and laughing activates the brain’s dopamine reward system, an important part of long-term memory and goal-oriented motivation. From a marketing perspective, brands […]

Top 5 tips for boosting your BID’s brand on social media

Social media has changed the way the world works. That might sound a bit dramatic, but think about it: Now instead of calling a business to ask a question, people can send a message on Facebook or Instagram. If someone has a great (or not-so-great) customer experience, they can write a review on Google or […]