Month: June 2024

Joyful Journeys: How Play is Transforming Tourism Marketing

Insights from The State of Tourism Conference 2024 Tourism is a thriving and ever-evolving industry with the United States projected to see a tourism spending of $160 billion this year. For those of us in the tourism sector, it’s crucial to remain adaptive and understand the shifting trends that shape our market. By staying informed, […]

Ad Campaigns That Missed the Mark: Our Takeaways

Advertising is a delicate balance, and it’s easy to overlook one little thing and have a campaign go completely awry. Ad campaigns are powerful tools for building brand awareness and engaging audiences, but when they miss, they can lead to equally powerful problems, from public backlash to damaged reputations. To avoid these kinds of mistakes, […]

District Marketing Mojo: Marlyss Auster

Editor’s note: In this blog series, District Marketing Mojo, Verdin President and CEO Mary Verdin interviews a leader in the world of marketing and communications for special districts and business improvement districts each month. Check back here regularly for new interviews. Embracing Ventura: A Journey of Passion, Partnership & Purpose Located along the stunning Pacific […]