Author: Lisa Campolmi

How to create a cooperative advertising plan for your BID

What do you think of when you hear the word co-op? Perhaps a farmer-owned health food store or a housing association. When the Verdin team hears co-op, we think of savvy advertising plans that leverage marketing dollars exponentially. Many of our clients have some kind of cooperative, or co-op, arrangement with their partner organizations. If […]

Google Prepares to Toss Its Cookies

If you keep up with digital advertising, you might have read articles about the upcoming demise of digital cookies. Cookies are small snippets of code (called pixels) that are placed on a website. When you visit that website on your computer, the code is placed onto your device, allowing the website owner to track you […]

Benefits of In-House Digital Media Buying

IN-HOUSE DIGITAL MEDIA BUYING MEANS BETTER RESULTS FOR CLIENTS This summer we made a significant investment in our media buying capabilities at Verdin, enabling us to have direct control over our clients’ digital media spends, greatly increasing their ROI. This is a capability that sets us apart from the pack; we are one of the […]

Scoring Big at Your Next Trade Show

Last month, we joined several of our tourism clients in Anaheim, CA, to participate in International Pow Wow, or IPW, an international inbound travel trade show. This is truly a show, with an abundance of exiting exhibits, interactive activities and over-the-top booths. So how do you score big with this kind of competition? Below are […]

Maximizing Instagram

Recently we came across a very lengthy research report on Instagram engagement conducted by Hubspot, a popular marketing software developer. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has grown to be more popular than its parent company, Facebook, as well as Snapchat and Twitter. It is likely because Instagram thoughtfully focuses on user experience, making it more enjoyable. […]

Ventura County Coast and Verdin Are “Heading Places Together”

Verdin client Ventura County Coast and their partner cities—Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura and Port Hueneme—are definitely “Heading Places Together.” The group’s tremendous efforts to promote the region to visitors were on full display at the annual Tourism Impact Summit on Oct. 1. The summit is intended to highlight the past year’s accomplishments and outline major initiatives for the […]

The Wide, Wide World of Digital Advertising

In the last decade, the digital space has grown at a rapid pace. Advertisers feel overwhelmed at immense amount of choices, and their ability to manage the technology. But if it’s managed effectively, it is an amazing tool that enables businesses to talk directly to niche audiences they are targeting. The Wide, Wide World of […]

Augmented Reality: The Future of Digital Advertising

Augmented Reality: The Future of Digital Advertising by: By Lisa Campolmi, Media & Research Strategist You may be fuzzy on the definition of Augmented Reality (AR), but chances are you’ve already used it. Remember Pokemon Go, the smart phone game that swept the nation in 2016? That was AR technology. Have you ever tried glasses […]