Arroyo Grande—Where Craft Meets Class on the Central Coast

by: Kaitlyn Hoyer

Arroyo Grande is a city in California located on California’s Central Coast. Just outside of major tourist attractions such as Pismo Beach and Oceano Dunes, Arroyo Grande’s slower pace has much to offer visitors who seek adventure and relaxation. However, due to its proximity to such major destinations, Arroyo Grande could be overlooked, or confused as an extension of Pismo Beach.

With rich history, great local eats, and a friendly atmosphere; Arroyo Grande has much to offer on its own. There is an opportunity for Arroyo Grande to stand out from the surrounding cities by offering visitors a place to unwind and enjoy.

The Arroyo Grande Tourism Business Improvement District Board (TBID) teamed up with Verdin to rebrand and create a brand identity that captured the essence of Arroyo Grande. It was important to both the TBID and Verdin that this logo would showcase the destination’s warm, inviting nature and individuality that makes it stand out.

When creating this brand identity, our team wanted to capture the full Arroyo Grande experience: breakfast in the Historic Village, an afternoon spent browsing unique, locally-owned shops, a stroll down to the swinging bridge, and dinner paired with local wines. In Arroyo Grande, craft meets class. Through hand-crafted cocktails to the hand-painted signage that fills it, Arroyo Grande offers a rich experience that can be personalized to each visitor.

With all this in mind our team was able to come up with an authentic logo that the TBID is excited about and feel captures Arroyo Grande. Through it’s bright natural colors and custom typography, the logo and brand identity are both attention-grabbing and relaxed—just like Arroyo Grande.

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