“Frozen” Unleashes Avalanche of YouTube Creativity

Frozen_Olaf_EW_A.JPGAs the father of 8 and 11-year-old girls, there’s no way I could escape the phenomenon that is Disney’s “Frozen.” The kids have seen the movie three times, and we bought the DVD the day it was released. But the movie itself is just the beginning. The film has inspired an impressive array of YouTube videos. Some are professionally produced, some homemade, and they range from funny to touching.

It’s interesting that Disney – long the poster child for strictly protecting copyrighted material – seems to be allowing use of its intellectual property on YouTube. Whether the studio has a financial arrangement with YouTube or is simply hoping to benefit from the popularity of viral videos, it’s great to see the creativity the movie has unleashed.

Without further ado, here are some of the most entertaining “Frozen” inspired YouTube videos:

Frozen Father – A dad’s hilarious rewrite of the lyrics to “Let it Go.”


Parents lip sync to “Love is an Open Door”…while driving. Be sure to watch their daughter in the back seat.


Eleven-year-old girl’s amazing rendition of “Let it Go” performed in a Utah ice castle.


A proud dad shows off his daughters performing “Let it Go” (it’s not what you’re expecting).


A TV news traffic reporter reworks a Frozen hit to warn people to stay off snow-covered roads.

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