San Luis Obispo Police Department - Office of Neighborhood Services

How It All Began

The San Luis Obispo Police Department offered a challenge to Verdin over eight years ago to create messaging that would educate students about respecting their college town, while also building relationships with long-term residents. The goal of the outreach focused on raising awareness of the ordinances and penalties of noise and partying violations, as well as to remind students of the consequences of poor decisions, without “talking down” to students in an authoritarian way.

Our Approach

Humorous and creative peer-to-peer messaging was designed to engage students more positively and to change behaviors in the “Avoid Party Regret” campaign. Printed and digital materials used iconic imagery recognizable to college students (i.e. red Solo cups). Ads were strategically placed in the college paper and local alternative weekly prior to heavy party dates like Halloween, Homecoming, St. Patrick’s Day and Spring Break. Humorous posters balanced with serious messaging became hugely popular in local bars, and each year students and small businesses waited for the latest updated look to the “Avoid Party Regret” campaign. Door hangers were utilized with the same humorous messaging, and distributed throughout the neighborhoods with heavy student populations as well as rack cards offered on campus.

What Happened

The San Luis Obispo Police Department’s Office Of Neighborhood Services has been extremely satisfied with the results of the “Avoid Party Regret” campaign and its yearly updates, as well as the supplemental additional materials that have been designed. The strongest vote of confidence has been the rehiring of Verdin year after year, with the current contract recently extended until summer of 2017. In 2013, Verdin received a Gold MarCom award for collateral created for the San Luis Obispo Police Department’.

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