Morro Bay Tourism Bureau

How It All Began

Morro Bay Tourism Bureau (MBTB) manages the city of Morro Bay’s tourism promotion. Morro Bay is considered a California drive market, attracting visitors within a four to five hour drive from the destination.

The goals of the Morro Bay Tourism Bureau Visitor’s Guide were to:

1. Implement of the new creative direction “The Morro Bay Way” in the new Visitor’s Guide by September 2014, in time to launch the MBTB off-season tourism campaign.

2. Create the first Visitor’s Guide for Morro Bay in two years, updating all information and engaging constituents in the effort, and giving visitors and potential visitors a clear understanding of Morro Bay’s offerings (accommodations, restaurants, shops, activities, etc.).

3. Organize the guide to provide clear and easily digestible information for visitors.

Our Approach

Verdin found that it was imperative to highlight the uniqueness of the town of Morro Bay by showcasing its natural beauty with compelling and vibrant photography. Additionally, the design team brought in colors and elements from the cover image and implemented them throughout the piece. We were strategic in layout of the information with clear categorization, logical flow and visual separation of topics, incorporating pull-out tips showcasing special things to do in Morro Bay, such as pet friendly activities and facts about Morro Bay history.

The Morro Bay Way concept itself was developed with the idea of juxtaposing beautiful and experiential images of Morro Bay with clever, short and snappy headlines.

What Happened

The Visitor’s Guide final product was met with great fanfare and was highly praised. The client was very satisfied with the outcome and the agency’s ability to execute the concept of the guide. The majority of the visitor guides have been distributed by Morro Bay’s Visitor Center. The guide was so successful that the 2015 Morro Bay Visitor’s Guide was designed using the same template, look and feel. PRSA gave the Morro Bay Visitors Guide their Award of Excellence in 2014.

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