Morro Bay Tourism Bureau

How It All Began

Verdin has worked with the Morro Bay Tourism Bureau since 2014. Prior to our involvement, most advertising was placed in traditional mediums such as print and television, which overlooked the millennial and Generation X groups. Verdin’s mission in the Morro Bay campaign was finding a way to reach new audiences and get the word out about the elements that make the city a desirable location for tourists to experience and explore.

Our Approach

To reach these new audiences, Verdin went digital - utilizing both static and animated banner ads. Verdin also employed a new technology called cinemagraphs, a still photo with a video component that brings minor repeated movements to one part of the photo. The campaign, called “The Morro Bay Way,” highlighted the freedom of being seaside and encouraged viewers to embrace the adventures Morro Bay offers. In addition to some traditional print advertising, digital ads appeared on Facebook, and on many geography or lifestyles sites such as Sunset, Trip Advisor, The Enthusiast Outdoor Network, The Gay Travel Network, and YouTube.

What Happened

The advertising was highly successful. Morro Bay saw a 14% increase in transient occupancy tax (TOT), which is a percentage of the hotel and motel fees from guests in direct proportion to an increase in sales. Paid media impressions totaled 14,559,272 with 442,081 visits to the website and Facebook fans increased by 5,402 over the span of 2015. Now that's the Morro Bay Way.

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