Arroyo Grande & Pismo Beach

How It All Began

In September of 2014, Verdin was hired by the cities of Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach to develop a public information program to educate the community and raise awareness about water conservation and its role in securing a reliable, long-term water supply. Additionally, the campaign needed to engage with residents, businesses and visitors to encourage best practices in water conservation, change habits and create a long-lasting benefit. Water districts needed to educate and empower locals to dramatically reduce their water usage.

Our Approach

To do this, we needed to create a program that would unite the local population for the common goal of reducing consumption. In response, we created “Think H20,” a relatable brand for the water conservation initiative. Think H20 materials included a website, social media efforts, an integrated advertising program (traditional and digital media), signage, flyers, billing inserts and public relations.

What Happened

The Water Conservation outreach campaign certainly made a splash in the South San Luis Obispo County community, with results that exceeded expectations. The months following the launch of the campaign saw dramatic decreases in water consumption. Arroyo Grande reported a 41% reduction in water consumption in July 2015 and Pismo Beach reported a 29% reduction, far surpassing their mandates of 28% and 24%, respectively. More than a million impressions were garnered on social media, and the website received 20,000 views, with visitors using the site to find information on restrictions, water conservation tips and rebate programs.

In 2015, Verdin won a Marcom Platinum Award for our work with Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach.

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