by: Megan Condict

What inspires you? As someone in the creative field, excitement comes from seeing innovative ways my peers are twisting, turning and shaping conventional marketing ideas to grab attention and bring success to both new and established brands. And if there’s a way to package that to make the world better, I’m in.

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of attending the Creative Leaders Retreat in Palm Springs. This unconventional conference is designed to spark creativity and give attendees access to some of the most influential people in advertising and marketing.

One of the most interesting sessions I attended was a workshop on award-winning work led by Burger King Chief Marketing Officer Fernando Machado, who is best known for cooking up the McWhopper idea.

Along with examples of award-winning work, Machado offered tips on how to partner with clients to create inspirational campaigns that get attention.

Why do award-winning work?

The answer is surprisingly simple: It’s effective.

Take, for example, lemonade giant Country Time and its Legal-Ade campaign defending kids’ right to run a lemonade stand.

This tongue-in-cheek advertisement used a real-life issue (and a heaping scoop of humor) to get people talking about a company that’s more than 40 years old. The overwhelmingly positive response to this ad shows that it pays to take creative risks.

Another reason to strive for award-winning work: It’s compelling.

The words “annual report” don’t usually make people sit up and take notice. Because of this, Canada-based nonprofit Arrive Alive DRIVE SOBER worked with an ad agency to make their annual report truly impactful.

Instead of the traditional PDF document, The Sobering Report used web-based technology to show how drinking can affect a person’s ability to read and, by extension, drive. The visceral experience of “reading drunk” makes people think differently about driving drunk, which aligns perfectly with Arrive Alive’s mission.

Verdin has the tools to help you succeed, built on a strategic foundation

Here at Verdin, we develop meaningful, trusting relationships with our clients so they feel comfortable to take creative risks. We dream big for our clients and pair it with thoughtful, organized strategy to make those dreams a reality. In addition to strategy, Verdin has a masterful knowledge of the tools and technology needed to think big, whether it’s a web-based project, a social integration platform, or good, old-fashioned print.

We look forward to the next project where we can push the envelope to deliver attention-getting solutions with punch

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