White Paper: Marketing to Millennials

by: Mary Verdin, President

Isn’t it ironic that the generation that most deplores being put in a box is the subject of endless research?

It doesn’t take us more than a few seconds to recall the associations we’ve heard. Millennials travel endlessly due to a bug called “wanderlust,” they don’t hold jobs for more than a year or two, and they take certain culinary endeavors very seriously. (I mean really, if I had a dime for every time I heard “Millennial” used in the same sentence as “cold brew,” “craft beer” or “avocado toast”…)

But Millennials shake off labels as quickly as researchers – and the public – place them. As marketers, it’s critical that we look beyond specific behaviors and into the undercurrents that truly define this generation.

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About Mary Verdin

With 25 years of marketing experience under her belt, Mary leads the Verdin team with vision, determination and an energy that keeps ideas fresh and strategic. She serves as our President and Chief Strategy Officer, providing strategic consulting for all clients and guiding the firm forward by finding practical solutions to achieving big goals.

Mary is also actively involved in the community, serving on Boards and committees that support business, philanthropy and the future. She has won numerous awards, including Rotarian of the Year, Woman of Distinction and Female Entrepreneur of the Year. To contact Mary, send her a message at verdinmarketing.com/contact/ or call (805) 541-9005.

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