White Paper: Four Steps to Community Change

by: Mary Verdin

You (or your organization) want to change the world. Or at least your community.

Maybe it’s recycling; maybe it’s water conservation; maybe it’s implementing a change in policy. Fortunately for you, there’s a process out there to help you attain that goal. It’s called community-based social marketing. Those of us who live in the public information and education world refer to it as CBSM.

Community change is an inspiring goal, and needs spot-on strategy. But before you plan an approach, there are some key questions that need to be answered.

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About Mary Verdin

With 25 years of marketing experience under her belt, Mary leads the Verdin team with vision, determination and an energy that keeps ideas fresh and strategic. She serves as our President and Chief Strategy Officer, providing strategic consulting for all clients and guiding the firm forward by finding practical solutions to achieving big goals.

Mary is also actively involved in the community, serving on Boards and committees that support business, philanthropy and the future. She has won numerous awards, including Rotarian of the Year, Woman of Distinction and Female Entrepreneur of the Year. To contact Mary, send her a message at verdinmarketing.com/contact/ or call (805) 541-9005.

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