When Content Marketing Meets a Cat & Dog Detective Team

by: Amy Donald, Copywriter

Content marketing continues to rise to the top as a way to set brands apart.

What is content marketing? It’s “providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues,” according to Content Marketing Institute.

Rather than directly pitching your products or services, content marketing is about creating something that will help people, build trust with your brand, and establish you as someone with knowledge.

“Consumers are looking for authenticity, they are looking for relevancy and they are demanding valuable information--especially in a world where information is so readily available,” says Pratik Dholakiya, co-founder of E2M Solutions.

So, when the goal of a vet clinic’s advertising is to establish local expertise, the way to accomplish that is not to put out an ad telling pet owners that you have local expertise.

It’s to hand them information. Something that helps them.

Our advertising campaign for Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic centers around providing useful information to pet owners.

Together, Verdin and Pismo Beach Vet Clinic created: the Myth Busters. A cat and dog on a quest to debunk myths that pet owners hear every day. Myths about how to care for your pets, how to feed them and how often they need to go to the vet.

The videos are running as Facebook ads, sharing tidbits of truth with pet owners. If a user clicks on the video, it takes them to a simple landing page that houses all the videos. Pet owners are free to watch them all, learn something new – and schedule an appointment with Pismo Beach Vet Clinic if they want that kind of expertise and friendliness taking care of their own pets.

Here’s one of the videos – find the rest at pismobeachvet.com/myth-busters/!

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