Verdin’s 3 ways to help your team turn working from home into thriving from home

by: Mary Verdin

Have you and your team transformed living rooms and bedrooms into offices? Are you all becoming Zoom experts? Or maybe everyone is just doing the best they can to keep up. Working from home on a daily basis is a new phenomenon for many of us, including those at Verdin. Transitioning from years spent together in an office to staying remotely connected and effective as a team has been challenging, and a great learning experience. Here’s what’s been working for us so far:

Verdin’s 3 WFH tips

1. Live your core values.
  • Every business or organization has core values. They may be formal and displayed on your office walls (if only you could see them now!) or on your company website. Perhaps they’re not written down at all, but are still the guiding principles with which you run your business and deliver your service or product. If it’s the latter, take some time to write them down, share and discuss them with your employees, and communicate them to your customers and colleagues. And then live up to them by turning them into actions.
  • Verdin’s core values include:
  1. Integrity, period.
  2. Relationships matter.
  3. Passion and purpose.

Our team has been incorporating these values into working from home by doing added-value work for our clients to help them meet their goals and launching the Verdin Boost: A Marketing Pop-up to offer local small businesses and nonprofits marketing assistance during the current crisis. Internally, the leadership team organized a We Appreciate You car parade with homemade Verdin cookies for our employees and a work-from-home surprise gift exchange to boost morale.

2. Remember that your #1 asset is your employees.
  • You can buy new equipment, create new processes, develop new marketing and sales strategies, but in the end it's the people who make it all happen, through innovation and ideas, relationships and dedication.
  • Keep employees engaged by challenging them and helping them continue to learn and feel appreciated. As for your company’s leaders, allow them to continue forging ahead, looking at the bigger picture and securing the vision.
  • Understand that being remote means people could feel isolated. Find ways to let everyone know there is support—this can happen through regular morning meetings, employees Facetiming for coffee dates and remote group happy hours, in addition to ongoing virtual face-to-face meetings.
  • Happy and productive employees leads to happy and well-served clients -- and customers. Ultimately that results in business success and, I think just as important, makes the journey enjoyable.
3. Look for the quick wins
  • We are in a situation that we cannot control; so find things that you can do to give yourself and your employees a sense of direction and fulfillment. Look for opportunities and celebrate successes.
  • What can you do to help others? Research—and certainly your own experience—shows that you get what you give. Finding ways to help and support others brings us all together, builds community and is personally rewarding.

Incorporating these three tips will look different for every business or organization, but we here at Verdin think the benefits are universal. We wish everyone good health and success. What have you been doing to help your employees and community thrive from home? Share your experiences with us on social media!

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