​Ventura County Coast’s new website encourages travelers to “Venture Out”

by: Amy Watson

Stories start in Ventura County Coast. But a trip to Ventura County starts at its website.

Verdin has worked with Ventura County Coast since 2016, helping this tourism entity refresh its identity and get the word out about the area’s idyllic beauty and exciting offering of experiences for leisure seekers, adventurers and business travelers alike.

(Do you need some context? Ventura County Coast is a string of four communities located off Highway 101 between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Camarillo, Ventura, Oxnard and Port Hueneme, to be exact.)

Along with representing the offerings and appeal of Ventura County Coast through fresh and vibrant advertising, we have been working with a website team to build a brand new website, which launched in December.

There’s a reason tourism websites have shifted from lots of text to large images. Pictures tell stories. In the case of Ventura County Coast, they truly speak for themselves as they showcase the area’s natural beauty and welcoming culture.

But we needed the site to be more than just a collection of beautiful photos. We needed it to be an experience.

One key way of pulling this off the experience is the authenticity of social media. We know that travelers increasingly crave authenticity as they plan vacations, so we helped to craft a site that gives them just that: a chance to see the area through the eyes of those who have already been there. The photos of the people who live in, work in and visit Ventura County Coast tell its story, and the site provides a social feed for those real-life voices.

The site also needed to showcase the offering of activities and lodging options, while providing an equivalent introduction to each of the four cities that make up Ventura County Coast. The “Things to Do,” “Places to Stay,” “Food & Drink” and “Events” tabs pull relevant information from each location in user-friendly, easily searchable databases, and the “Cities” tab serves to briefly describe each city’s unique offerings. The “Cities” page is also a prime opportunity to drive website traffic to each city’s individual website.

For travelers who want a little extra inspiration, the “Trip Ideas” tab outlines fun and unique vacation itineraries. Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend, a shopping spree or a golfing getaway, this page offers suggestions for lodging, restaurants and activities that each fit into a specialized getaway theme.

The combination of these elements creates a rich visual user experience that is reminiscent of a visit to Ventura County Coast itself. To experience the website for yourself, venture out at venturacountycoast.com.

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