Travel Oregon’s Spring Campaign is “Just Exaggerated Enough”

by: Amy Donald, Copywriter

In a landscape where it takes creativity to stand out, Travel Oregon just launched a spring campaign that’s definitely out of the ordinary.

There’s no denying Oregon is a beautiful place. Rather than showcasing that natural beauty through photo or video, however, Travel Oregon brings the experience to life through... animation!

Catch a glimpse of it here.

(Hint: play the video with sound on. The music is an original score performed by the Oregon Symphony.)

This one caught us off guard, but the Verdin verdict is: we like this campaign! Destination marketing should always begin with a thorough understanding of a place’s unique qualities and what they mean for the visitor. This spot is a very unique way of expressing the experience of visiting Oregon in the springtime.

We are very interested to see how it performs, however. The campaign just launched on March 12. We’ll keep an eye out for results.

What are your thoughts? Too much? Or “just exaggerated enough”? Comment on our Facebook page and tell us your opinion!

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