The Wide, Wide World of Digital Advertising

by: Lisa Campolmi

In the last decade, the digital space has grown at a rapid pace. Advertisers feel overwhelmed at immense amount of choices, and their ability to manage the technology. But if it’s managed effectively, it is an amazing tool that enables businesses to talk directly to niche audiences they are targeting.

Verdin always strives to bring transparency and success to our clients. In 2018, we increased our digital advertising capabilities by bringing our media buying system completely in-house; we are one of the few Central Coast agencies with this proficiency. We have experienced great success over the last year implementing and mastering this technology.

These advancements are due to the use of our in-house DSP. A demand-side platform (DSP) is a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one software system.

This system allows us to buy inventory from ad exchanges and manage advertising campaigns. It uses real time bidding to buy ads through multiple ad exchanges and private publishers, and also offers real-time analytics to evaluate success.

DSP Targeting Opportunities

Our in-house DSP allows for a tremendous amount of targeting that is not otherwise available, reaching consumers where they are. Some of the capabilities include:

  • Placing video, motion graphics, HTML 5, static, native, and audio advertising
  • Device & placement targeting (Connected TV, audio streaming, mobile-only apps, etc.)
  • Location targeting (zipcode, city, DMA, state, regional targeting as well as hyper-local geo fencing)
  • Retargeting and audience building capabilities via pixel placement
  • Behavioral Targeting using third party data or and contextual layering

Both our large and small clients have seen their advertising reach, frequency and engagement grow exponentially in the past year, with the same media investment. One of our local tourism clients, Visit Atascadero, has seen remarkable results, particularly in year over year comparisons. In the month of March alone, Visit Atascadero witnessed a 3900% improvement in impressions reached with a similar budget, 174% improvement in clicks to their website and 3500% improvement in online users watching their video advertising to its completion. While destination marketing is always a challenge due to its vulnerability to the economy, weather, and political climate, maximizing the return on the advertising budget is always something that helps the cause.

If you would like to learn more about Verdin's digital capabilities, feel free to reach out to our team.

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