​The power of letting your customers speak

Does your company recognize the power of your customers’ words? The key to influencing your target demographic might just be finding out what your existing customers are saying and making their voices heard.

Good business --> happy customers --> brand advocacy.

“Community West Bank is always there for me, even in tough times. In 2008, when other banks were pulling back on credit lines, they ensured my cash flow continued.”
“Being able to pick up the phone and have someone answer on the other end, and be on top of what we need right away, has been tremendous.”
“Their knowledge of my agricultural operation was instrumental in coming to grips with some very difficult decisions. I’m immensely thankful.”

Customers are powerful brand ambassadors. When you’re doing good business, their words will naturally advocate for you.

Part of understanding your target demographic is determining whose voices they trust most. For example, when a customer is in the process of selecting a bank, how does he or she make the decision? There are many factors involved, but we can guarantee that the opinions of peers will strongly influence his or her choice.

Verdin works closely with Community West Bank and recently we developed a new business banking testimonial ad campaign. Though the testimonial approach may be familiar, the content of the testimonials is what sets these ads apart.

Community West Bank is a locally owned and managed business bank on California’s Central Coast, with full-service branches in Goleta, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Ventura and Westlake Village, and a loan production office in San Luis Obispo. Verdin and Community West Bank worked together to interview and photograph three of their current business banking customers. Each recorded a radio commercial and provided content for a print ad to support it. In addition, one client was included in a television commercial.

Each of the three customers shared about how Community West Bank presented them with an alternative, personalized option that was superior to the direction they had previously been heading. These options led the customers on a better route to success, which is how the campaign garnered its name: “A Better Route.” One customer’s positive experience was due to excellent customer service, one to loyalty in tough times, and one to strong knowledge and expertise. They’re all varied but relatable situations, demonstrating the reasons business customers choose Community West Bank.

The ad concept is effective because of the foundation of strength and trust upon which these testimonials are built. It uses real, well-known business customers to testify to the credibility and strengths of working with Community West Bank. Each honestly testified that this bank made all the difference in their business.

We’re excited to be sharing these powerful testimonials via digital, radio, television and newspaper. Keep an eye out for “A Better Route” as you go about your day – we’re routing these ads in your direction.

Source: AdWeek

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