The Goodwill Shopping Challenge

We had a mission: help Goodwill Central Coast reach younger shoppers.

Many people know Goodwill as a thrift store, but don’t realize the range of quality products they offer or how much they do for their local community.

We needed to find a genuine connection with a millennial audience. So naturally, we turned to the millennials! Verdin produced a series of five videos in collaboration with videographer Tristan Starr and two shopping-savvy teenagers.

With our guidance, these two teens jumped right in and built upon some initial ideas we offered by creating the “Goodwill Shopping Challenge.”

In each video, they set a challenge and recorded their unscripted adventures of finding Goodwill products to meet it. Cristina, Goodwill’s Marketing Coordinator, stepped in at the end of each video as the judge.

We think their finds are pretty sweet, and the videos do a wonderful job capturing just how much you can find at Goodwill. At the end of the day, we interviewed our video stars to talk about the experience. They shared that while making the videos, they learned that Goodwill does job training outside hiring at their retail stores, and that the system of re-selling items has a tremendous positive impact on our environment.

Watch the series here:

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