The Best Ads of 2019 — from a Gen Zer’s perspective

by: Kate Hardisty

This month, Verdin asked Kate Hardisty, our former intern and new account coordinator, to share her thoughts on her favorite recent ads to give our readers insight into the Gen Z mindset.

For this blog, I began by thinking of the best ads I’ve seen this year. To my surprise, I couldn’t think of any, other than the Billie razor ad on Snapchat or the FabFitFun box ad on Instagram. I then realized that, when I was younger, I was exposed to commercials on TV. Today, I don’t watch cable television. The truth is, people my age aren’t consuming advertisements or commercials through traditional TV anymore. Below are my favorite ads from 2019, which I saw via on my phone through social media.

1. Adventures of Dot - Look who’s home for the holidays at Starbucks.

The 2019 Starbucks Holiday video ad was one of my favorites because of the music they chose to play in the background. Music is a vital part of video ads. If the music isn’t relatable or relevant, especially for my generation, the attention the ad gets will be less. Starbucks strategically picked an upbeat holiday hip-hop mix that meshes perfectly with what they are selling: drinks and a feeling.

2. Bounce - Apple

To continue with the music theme, Apple released an Airpod ad that has an imaginary, child-like feel. I think they are trying to send a message of youthfulness, and that airpods let your creative spirit flow. I like this ad because it is unexpectedly playful and that is something that grabs my generation’s attention.

3. The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort

The Gen Zers I know love Taco Bell -- and so do I. This ad brought a lot of attention to the food chain not just nationally, but also globally, in Hong Kong, Japan and India, just to name a few. The Taco Bell Hotel was a limited-time-only event from August 8-12, where an existing hotel in Palm Springs was transformed into a “taco-inspired destination.” Was it a success? Well, the rooms were booked less than 2 minutes after they became available. Though clearly a PR stunt, it was a fun and very effective way of attracting tourism and building brand loyalty.

4. Holiday Magic: Lucy & the Reindeer

This may just be my favorite ad of 2019. Every time I watch this ad it leaves me feeling happy. The message sent is so powerful and Lucy — the young girl who brilliantly uses theMicrosoft Translator to speak to the reindeer outside of her house — makes me see just how creative young kids are. Microsoft did a great job with sending a message of ingenuity and inclusivity in this heartwarming holiday ad.

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