Verdin Marketing Blog: The Advertising Fumble of Sunday’s Football Game

The advertising fumble of Sunday’s football game

by: Lisa Campolmi, Media & Research Strategist

What better place to put a high-performing football ad than in front of football fans during a championship game... right?

Eh... not always.

Pepsi’s commercial featuring the Dallas Cowboys did not receive a loving response after being aired several times during the NFL Championship game on Sunday, January 21.

Because, as it turns out, the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles really, really hate the Cowboys. Which means their fans do too.

Relevancy in advertising cannot be overanalyzed. This time, football commercial + football fans was not a relevant match. (In other words, sometimes you should dig a little deeper!)

No matter how good your ad is, personalization will determine if it’s effective. All day long, consumers receive ads made just for them. Based on who they follow, what they’ve clicked on, what they’ve bought, where they’ve traveled. Anyone who pays for an ad on Facebook can choose from a list of audience behaviors, interests, careers, ages, locations and more.

At Verdin, creating personas is an essential part of the advertising process. That means understanding our target audiences so specifically that we create fictional characters to represent them. We give our personas a name, an age and a lifestyle. Based on research, we know what they want in life and what gets in the way.

And a preferred sports team should definitely be included in the persona of a football fan.

In a discussion of advertising topics for 2018, Forbes reminds us: “If you're not already carefully segmenting your audience, then now's the time to rethink your user personas.”

We agree. As our digital tools get better and better, so will our ability to personalize.

Has your business or organization defined the audiences you need to reach? Feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more.

Story Source: Target Marketing

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