Stand-out Commercials from Super Bowl LIII

by: Kaitlyn Hoyer

Sure, Super Bowl is about sports, but it is also the one time of the year you don't want to skip through commercial breaks! While the game itself might have been slow-paced, we hope that you were entertained by the line-up of commercials. In no particular order, here are 5 ads that stood out last night:

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold “The Pure Experience”

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, best known as ASMR, has taken the internet by storm this past year. Using the goosebump-inducing power of ASMR, this ad for Michelob ULTRA Pure gold stood out. Through satisfying sounds of nature and Zoë Kravitz opening a bottle of “Pure Gold” this ad grabbed viewers attention while also being in on a timely trend.

Amazon “Not Everything Makes the Cut”

Hey, Alexa, play Amazon’s Super Bowl commercial. In this ad spot, Amazon puts their tech gadget Alexa in some ridiculous places—a microwave, a space station, Forest Whitaker's toothbrush, and on Harrison Ford’s dog’s collar. This commercial was lighthearted, humourous and really hit the mark with Amazon’s consumer base.

Bumble “Serena Williams: Bumble Commercial”

Bumble, a dating app where women make the first move, inspires women to make the first move not only in love, but in life. Featuring Serena Williams, this ad succeeds by connecting Bumble’s brand to an important message without coming off insincere.

Microsoft “We All Win”

Last year Microsoft announced that they had created a new controller for gamers with disabilities, and in this ad we see the impact the new controller had. This ad succeeds by making strides for inclusivity, with the tagline “We All Win”, because all gamers should be able to play the video games they love without struggle.

Washington Post “Democracy Dies in Darkness”

Sobering and moving, this ad from the Washington Post highlights the importance of journalism and its role upholding democracy. Narrated by Tom Hanks, the ad highlights journalists that have been killed and have gone missing while newsgathering.

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