Six Simple Ways to Save Water This Summer

by: Melissa Nemeth, Verdin Intern

You don’t have to limit your showers to 60 seconds to be a water conservation hero this summer!

The phrase “water conservation” might sound like it’s asking for drastic change. In reality, a handful of small water usage adjustments can make a bigger difference than one big change, because they are easier to implement into your day-to-day life.

Verdin reached out to our client, the City of San Luis Obispo Utilities Department, for their most attainable water conservation tips. (Go for the one-minute showers if you want, but we think you’ll find their suggestions even more manageable!)

Help save the planet by following these six simple tips:

In the Kitchen

  • Instead of thawing your chicken under running water, save a few drops by putting your frozen foods in the refrigerator the night before you will cook it. Not only does it save water, it also reduces the risk of bad bacteria (ew!) contaminating your food.
  • Rather than hand washing your dishes (and who really likes doing that?), it is now encouraged to use your dishwasher. Just be sure to strategically pack your dishwasher so you can fit as many dishes as possible, which results in saved time, energy, and water. If you do not have a dishwasher, try to avoid letting the faucet run, and clean your dishes basin-style.

In the Bathroom

  • We all know to take shorter showers and not run the sink needlessly – but most people don’t know that you can also install showerheads, faucets, and toilets that are low flow. Combining the two practices is an extra win.
  • Toilets are prone to leaks, which is an inconvenience for you and the environment. If you look into your toilet bowl and see that the water is not completely still, that means there is a leak. You can easily fix this by changing the flapper valve, making sure the chain isn’t caught under the flapper valve, or making sure the chain is long enough to prevent from pulling the flapper up.

In the Yard

  • Use a bucket to collect water as your shower heats up or use cooking water to feed your garden. You can also hire a professional to have the greywater from your laundry machine go straight to your lawn rather than to the sewer line.
  • Are you willing to let your lawn turn brown in a drought? That saves the most water, but if you’re not ready for that step, start by watering your lawn in the early morning, only watering when needed, and leaving grass clippings on your lawn when you’re done mowing to prevent moisture from escaping.

Caring about the planet is as easy as turning off the faucet, so all of us can take part. The San Luis Obispo Utilities Department cares about our piece of the Central Coast, and they’ve got more great suggestions on their website. Learn more at

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