Rideshare contest encourages locals to ‘get more green’ in multiple ways

by: Amy Blasco

Take this survey!

Those are three words almost guaranteed to get people to scroll past your ad on social media. But what if your organization really needs data to better serve your audiences? Verdin faced this interesting challenge earlier this year when SLO Regional Rideshare, a countywide transportation nonprofit, asked us to help create a survey-based marketing campaign.

Originally, Rideshare staff wanted to send a mailer out to specific neighborhoods to track people’s commuting habits. However, after careful consideration, the Verdin team suggested creating a digital advertising campaign. We did this for several reasons:

  1. A paperless campaign better matched Rideshare’s environmentally friendly brand and the expectations of their target audiences
  2. A digital campaign proved to be more cost effective than a mailing campaign, which includes printing and postage fees
  3. Unlike a mailing campaign, a digital campaign wouldn’t have to compete for attention with election and Census mailers

The Rideshare staff was excited to try something new and encouraged Verdin to develop a digital campaign that would entice people to take the survey.

As mentioned in last month’s blog, one simple way to generate buzz about your brand is to offer free giveaways and contests on social media. Social media contests can also be a great way to get people to take action (e.g., take a survey). Survey Monkey reports 34 percent of people say the primary reason they complete feedback surveys is because they want the prize, gift, or discount involved.

To entice people to take their Survey, Rideshare decided to offer people the chance to win $100 and a free commuting tool kit. Verdin bolstered these cool prizes with smart strategy and dynamic advertising content. This included making a 15-second motion graphic video that captures people’s attention with direct messaging, bright colors, playful fonts and fun music. (The end result is so ’90s-licious, it would make Zac Morris and the rest of the kids at Bayside proud.)

According to Verdin Art Director Megan Condict, the Rideshare brand is “approachable, fun and ultimately cool because it’s cool to participate in ridesharing throughout SLO County.”

“Rideshare has enjoyed a retro look in one way or another over the years. Through that, they can reach a broad audience because people have either lived through the time period, participated in a resurgence of the style, or both. So it was not a huge leap to move in a 90s direction,” Condict said.

To deliver the content, Media and Research Strategist Lisa Campolmi geofenced neighborhoods close to bus stops and Rideshare parking lots to increase awareness of people’s commuting options and to gather more data through the survey.

After people take the survey, they’ll receive an e-mail with a commuting tool kit and content tailored to meet their needs based on their responses. The ad and contest are set to run throughout the month of March, and a $100 winner will be randomly selected at the beginning of April.

Do you want a chance to get more green? Take the Rideshare survey!

For more information, including details about programs and events such as Youth Ride Free and Rideshare Week, visit https://rideshare.org/ or check out Rideshare on Facebook or Instagram.

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