by: Amy Blasco

Onomatopoeia. It’s a fun word to say. In Latin, it translates to “word making,” which is fitting because an onomatopoeia is a word that imitates the thing it’s describing through sound.

With that in mind, imagine yourself eating a fajita dinner with all the fixin’s at Old Juan’s Cantina in Oceano. What do you smell? What do you taste? What do you hear? That last one was our main inspiration for the family-owned restaurant’s Fall advertising campaign.

For this food-centric motion graphic, we used the concept of “onommmatopoeia” to bring the cantina dining experience to life.






These are all the sounds you’d hear while eating a delicious dinner with family or friends. Our design team combined mouthwatering imagery of popular Old Juan’s Cantina dishes with colorful word art to create a simple, but powerful call to action that entices people to turn dinner into a full-blown fiesta.

To create this appetizing motion graphic, we first brainstormed the onomatopoeia concept and developed a script. Our design team then brought the script to life by creating a storyboard that mapped out where to use fun, quirky movements with our images and text. We did this because movement is key when it comes to getting advertisements noticed in the digital world.

Last, all of the ad’s elements, including music, are brought together in Adobe After Effects to create the perfect dinnertime scene.

“Old Juan’s is a fun, family-friendly restaurant, so it’s a great opportunity for us to be more playful,” Art Director Megan Condict said.


Pull up a seat.

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