Verdin Marketing Blog: Nonprofit Spotlight: Wilshire Health & Community Services

Nonprofit Spotlight: Wilshire Health & Community Services

Wilshire Health & Community Services is a family of services marked by compassion and commitment. Once you learn what this organization brings to our community, you’ll have the same question we do – what would the Central Coast do without them?

What They Do

Wilshire is hard at work behind the scenes – perhaps in our own friends and neighbors’ lives. They provide medical services, practical assistance and support in life’s toughest moments.

Each of Wilshire’s programs helps them fulfill their mission of helping people live a better life. The organization has three main branches:

Hospice: Compassionate hospice care, caregiver support, music program, grief education and healing for loved ones

Community Services: Counseling, friendly visits to reduce loneliness, transportation and help with practical tasks, specialty behavioral health services, conflict resolution

Home Health: Skilled nursing, physical therapy, telehealth in-home monitoring equipment

Wilshire’s services cover a range of needs, but there’s a common denominator: a heart that seeks to serve.

What’s New at Wilshire

Verdin began working with Wilshire this year to bring more community understanding to that myriad of services and how they’re all connected.

Our first big undertaking was redesigning their website, with the support of Santa Barbara-based web developer NDIC. We are excited to announce that after months of dreaming, designing and developing, the new site is live at!

When you visit the website, you’ll see our design team’s solution to organizing the breadth of services that Wilshire offers. As you click on each tab in the global navigation bar at the top of the site, you’ll be sent to a microsite for each branch of services. Each microsite is themed in a different color, pulled from the logo to connect it to the Wilshire family.

We encourage you to visit the site to learn more about Wilshire. Perhaps one of their services can benefit you, a family member or friend this year.

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