Verdin Marketing Blog: MOTION GRAPHICS: What It Is and Why It Works

MOTION GRAPHICS: what it is and why it works

by: Katie Pedersen, Graphic Designer

“Motion design is to the 21st century what graphic design was to the 20th century.”

That’s a big statement from Justin Cone, founder of Motionographer. It means motion graphics are a big deal in my world – the world of design.

When I say motion graphics, here’s what I’m talking about:

Motion graphics = design knowledge + the factors of time and space

More simply put, the phrase means “graphics in movement.” It’s everything that moves and involves a graphic element. Like this:

Just as the internet paved the way for web design, cinema has paved the way for graphic design to come alive through movement. This emerging trend in the graphic design world is here to stay, and this is why.

  1. Motion graphics captivate the viewer emotionally.
    Just like we react to comedy, horror or tearjerker films, we have an emotional response to motion graphics. The combination of visual and audio tells a story that draws in viewers, by creating a relationship between the video and the viewer. The viewer is more likely to empathize with and mirror the emotions that are experienced on the screen. And motion graphics really lends itself to create such emotional environments, especially when speaking to topics that are difficult to capture by video or real life visuals. For instance, a dark, moody video with solemn instrumentals informs the viewer that they have entered into a serious and emotional experience without needing to show sensitive visuals that might be hard to digest. On the other hand, a saturated, colorful video with playful graphics and upbeat music is going to ignite a different reaction.
  2. Dense, complex information makes more sense through visual storytelling.
    Visual processing is nearly instant, so complex messages that would be daunting to express in words are much easier to comprehend through video. Beyond understanding information, the combination of visuals and audio creates an interactive experience that utilizes multiple senses and allows for greater retention.
  3. It keeps your brand ahead of competition.
    Competition is high across the Internet with text data, because there is so much of it. While everyone is trying to reach higher positions in search results with text, video has the ability to land your site on the first page of search results. Beyond SEO, motion graphic videos can reach your target audience across multiple platforms. Your message can easily be carried from your website to social media, and will remain attractive to viewers in both spaces.
  4. Motion graphics is unique and achievable.
    Video marketing has been used for decades to drive results – it is nothing new. What is new is the technology and improved approaches to video that can make it costly and challenging to stay up-to-date. Motion graphics follows a much simpler process. It does not require actors, a set or video equipment. Instead, it allows for an equally effective way to visually communicate a captivating message, gives flexibility on those visuals with limited to zero restraints on weather, scenery or actors like video does and is versatile and can be adjusted depending on the audience and goal.
At Verdin, our in-house design team has been committed to developing this capability and we’ve been excited to see big results for our clients. Here are a few recent examples that led to high returns:

There’s so much more to talk about. Contact us to learn more how motion graphics can bring your next message to life!


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