Unite and empower your company with core values that resonate

Without potatoes, you’ll never have French fries. Without a data plan, you’ll never have a working smart phone. And without purpose, you’ll never have progress.

Your business’s core values are critically valuable in helping your company succeed in its endeavors. Without them, you simply can’t meet your highest potential. Core values unite team members with mutual focuses and drive us forward toward future success.

At Verdin, our values are the beating heart of our company. That’s why it’s important to us that they clearly and accurately represent who we are.

We recently collaborated as a team to check in on our core values and ask if they need to be refreshed to reflect the values we hold closest, both as individuals and as a team. We began by asking everyone in our office to rank a list of 27 attributes that they find important in life. From there, we narrowed them down and found our team’s most common values.

We then took a look at how our company’s values related to each team member’s personal values. We found some commonalities and opportunities to refine our values to better suit us and how we have grown over the past decade.

This process led us to restructure our six previous core values into three powerful and overarching categories that speak to our individual team member’s philosophies, as well as what our company collectively regards as non-negotiable.

These values speak to who we are at Verdin and are designed to empower us to be the best we can be. With that, here are the new and improved Verdin Marketing core values:


Our commitment to our team, our clients, our families and our friends inspires us.


We meet ambitious goals through collective creativity and individual contribution.


The right approach to any situation is one of honesty, equality and respect.

As we refined our core values this year, we encourage you to meet as a company and start the conversation about yours. Maybe you’ve had the same values for 20 years and it is time to reevaluate them to be sure they still represent the uniqueness of what your organization and employees offer. This is the conversation that will help your company grow and deliver customer service that’s meaningful and real.

We’d love to answer questions you have. To learn more about the process Verdin took to refine our core values, feel free to contact our Operations Manager Michelle Starnes at

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