Verdin Marketing Blog: How To Maximize Your Nonprofit Advertising Budget


by: Lisa Campolmi, Media & Research Strategist

As many nonprofits are reviewing their annual budgets, looking for ways to stretch their advertising dollars without sacrificing results. Verdin has worked with the nonprofit sector for 15 years, and over that time has gleaned a few best practices for overcoming common challenges nonprofits face in advertising.


Often local nonprofits look to the established, affluent age 50+ audience to help bring in donations and increase attendance at fundraising events. Advertising to this demographic with traditional platforms -– such as TV, print and radio –- can be effective, but very expensive. The good news is this age group can also be reached digitally at a much lower cost. The notion that seniors are not digitally savvy is just plain wrong: 82%[1] of baby boomers have at least one social media account, with Facebook being their favorite. They also tend to take action based on what they see, and they are also 19% more likely to share content to their friends.

Facebook is very effective at reaching this audience, offering the best value for your advertising dollars. To best reach donors, it is also important to not rely on your page posts alone. As long as your content is compelling, a small advertising budget to micro-target donors and sponsors will boost your ROI. Facebook employs tools that micro-target users based on where they live, what they do, even their income and education. It also has special fundraising tools your nonprofit can explore.


You may determine your organization needs more focus on building its volunteer base to help provide services over the coming year. Facebook is a great way to reach those who want to participate in their community and give back. Don’t let recent reporting on Facebook’s decline in user engagement scare you away from using it to advance your cause. While it’s true that it has experienced a slight decline lately, especially in the 12-25 demographic, it’s still the best vehicle to get your message out and connect with potential supporters. With approximately 215 million monthly users in the US alone, Facebook is still the single largest social media platform to reach a majority (70%) of all Americans. When you select targeting options based on community interest, nonprofit supporters and charitable tendencies, you’ll ensure your message gets to all the right audiences in your community, and expand your reach in the process.


When creating social media ads, remember the two most important elements: laser-focused targeting and compelling, emotional content. The Ads Manager tool on your Facebook page can easily guide you through the targeting process. Opt for emotional, engaging images or video whenever possible. Tell your audience what you want them to do with a strong call to action. By using these tips, you’ll see an improvement in your organization's return on investment, regardless of your advertising budget.

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