Hats Off to Ashlee, Top 20 Under 40 in 2017!

by: Mary Verdin, President/Chief Strategy Officer

Last winter, it rained really hard in San Luis Obispo County. Our VP/Client Services, Ashlee Akers, woke up in the middle of the night and realized her family’s home was flooding.

She and her husband threw together necessities, pulled their kids from their beds, and left to a hotel for safety. In the morning, she let me know she’d “be a little late.” She took her kids to school with a happy face so they would look at this as an adventure, and everyone went on with their day.

This is a key characteristic for Ashlee: keep going, move forward, make it okay for everyone who is counting on you. They had a friend’s trailer dropped off and lived in their front yard for weeks until the city said they could re-enter their home. Almost a year later, they’ve been living in two upstairs rooms and one bathroom, with a makeshift kitchen in the family room and deck, and just moved back into the trailer for the final rebuilding. That will take a few months more, but you’d never know the challenges when you talk with Ashlee.

We were all incredibly proud when we learned that Ashlee was named one of the San Luis Obispo Tribune’s Top 20 Under 40 this year. And if you have the pleasure of knowing her, I’m sure you feel the same way.

Ashlee’s positive spirit, dynamic personality and passion for helping others make her a true team player, and we are so lucky to have her as the lead of our account team. She’s a lead-by-example kind of person who knows how to bring out the best in her team.

Her years of experience in destination marketing and a personal passion for nonprofits make her an ideal champion for Verdin’s two key industries, nonprofits and tourism. And that’s what Ashlee does – she champions our clients and helps us tell their inspiring stories to the world.

Ashlee has two children and is involved in their schools and activities, but also gives her time to support local organizations. She served on the United Way Board and chaired the Marketing Committee, supporting the nonprofit’s efforts with her knowledge of the industry. She sits on the Central Coast Tourism Council Board, led their rebranding effort and participated on the website redesign committee. She is also on the SLOCAL marketing committee, giving her time and expertise for the benefit of our county’s marketing efforts.

I know that Ashlee will continue to impact our community in positive and meaningful ways. I speak on behalf of all of us in extending a well-deserved congratulations to this inspiring member of the Verdin team!

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