​Five tips for Effective Digital Ads

by: Lisa Campolmi

Are your digital ads the best they can be?

These days, most advertisers have gotten on board with digital ads that appear online or in social media. Unfortunately, the technology and trends change so often that many advertisers question if their digital ads are producing a good return on the investment.

These five tips will ensure that your digital ads are doing just that:

  • Target, target and retarget. Micro-targeting is the best way to make sure your ads gets to the right potential customers. Don’t pay to reach those who don’t need or want you. Target geographically, demographically and behaviorally. Use retargeting for customers who have already visited your website when possible.
  • Remember that it’s all about the visual. Use original, high-quality, engaging photography regardless of your industry. This is the single most important element of your digital ad design. Simple but stunning is better than busy.
  • Use words sparingly. Digital ads are not meant to tell your whole story; they simply encourage a viewer to learn more by visiting your website. Headlines work best when they are five words or less. Additionally,try to keep accompanying text under 17 words. Pique their interest, don’t fully explain about your product or service.
  • Include a strong call to action. Your short headline should tell your viewer exactly what you want him or her to do. Here are some suggestions to get the best responses with your digital call to action:
    • Add something free: “Click here to download a free hiking guide.”
    • Ask questions: “Have you planned your next adventure?”
    • Create urgency: “Act now, limited offer!”
    • Use action words: “Lose weight faster!”
  • Strategize the ad format. Digital and social media ads can be served in a variety of formats, including static, animated (multiple images in a slideshow format) and video. It is important to clearly identify the goals for your ad campaign in order to pick the right format for accomplishing them. For example, seven-to-ten second video ads tend to get the highest user engagement, but static ads usually have higher click-through rates.

By putting these tips into practice, you will write ads that perform better, regardless of your advertising budget. Try making a few of these changes and watch your returns improve.

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