Explore Ventura County Coast Via Video

A few weeks ago, we shared about our team’s experience traveling to Ventura County Coast for a three-day video shoot.

Now that you’ve seen the behind-the-scenes, we’re so excited to share the finished product with you. A huge thanks to our talented friends at Red Canary Productions for their amazing work on this video!

Together, we created a series of commercials with a look and feel that truly embodies a vacation experience to Ventura County Coast.

Various shorter versions of the following full-length video are currently being served to Ventura County Coast’s key target audiences – lux leisure travelers, outdoor adventurers and families. (Have you gotten one?)

If you’ve been served one of these ads, or been down to visit Ventura County Coast, share your experience with us! We love to hear feedback of any kind.

And learn more about the offerings of Ventura County Coast at venturacountycoast.com!

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