Did you catch one of our clients on The Rachael Ray Show?

We love when our clients let us help them shoot for the moon.

Verdin has been providing public relations services for the launch of Bouquet in a Box, an amazing California flower grower and online retailer.

We know from personal experience that they provide the biggest, freshest and most beautiful ethically sourced blooms in the business. The goal of our PR outreach is to help others see that, too.

Following a press release we sent out several weeks before Mother’s Day, Verdin’s PR team conducted individualized follow-up with members of the media to introduce them to Bouquet in a Box and offer opportunities to see the product for themselves.

(When it comes to these flowers, it’s a win-win. We just don’t think it’s possible to receive them and be unhappy.)

However, the nature of PR is that coverage is unpredictable. Dedicated follow-up increases the chances of placement, but we’re always at the mercy of the media.

With their Mother’s Day outreach, we were excited that Bouquet in a Box allowed us to aim high, not only reaching out to lifestyle bloggers and magazines, but also to prominent television shows and national news outlets.

And we’re stoked for them because they got placed on The Rachael Ray Show.

The product was a perfect fit for Rachael Ray’s Mother’s Day episode. In the segment, Rachael interviewed a mom of seven children via FaceTime. This mom is busy from dawn till dusk taking care of her kids, so Rachael let her know that Sandals Resorts had gifted her an all-inclusive vacation at any one of their resorts, and Bouquet in a Box had gifted her $2,000 to cover a babysitter so that she and her husband can enjoy the time away.

Bouquet in a Box also gave every audience member a voucher for a free bouquet of their choice from bouquetinabox.com.

Our team was touched to see this deserving mom receive such a thoughtful gift, and thrilled that Bouquet in a Box could play a part in it. You can watch the segment here!

To learn more about Verdin’s work in public relations, visit verdinmarketing.com/work/public-relations.

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