CIO Solutions Rebrand: Putting the Friendly in Tech Friendly

by: Kaitlyn Hoyer

In March 2018 CIO Solutions and TekTegrity merged their two companies to offer unsurpassed IT management and consulting services to Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Fresno Counties. Coming together under the CIO Solutions name, the company was looking for a fresh, cohesive image to help define their company’s new standing that would speak to loyal Central Coast clients and gain the attention of potential clients in the Central Valley.

Verdin teamed up with NDIC, a web design company based in Santa Barbara, to work with them to execute a rebrand for the CIO Solutions and TekTegrity merger that would create a compelling and cohesive new identity that represents the newly merged CIO Solutions.To avoid public confusion or doubt regarding the merger, our goal was to create a fresh identity that would assist in this evolution within CIO Solutions.

CIO Solutions is an IT company that values a one-on-one connection with their clients. Their devotion to offering competent tech solutions through a human connection is something that the Verdin team was determined to convey through their new brand identity. The Verdin Team also wanted to incorporate some aspects of both the TekTegrity and CIO Solutions previous logos, merging the companies visually.

The result was a tech savvy, trustworthy, and confident new logo and brand identity. It features an orange gradient, using the orange found in what was TekTegrity’s logo, and deep blue found in the CIO Solutions previous logo. The new CIO Solutions logo uses a three-dimensional cube that appears technologically advanced, yet inviting and easy on the eyes. All of these aspects helps fully represent CIO Solutions, a friendly company you can trust with your tech needs.

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