Central Coast Hotline’s ‘Save the Number’ campaign is ready to launch!

by: Amy Blasco

(800) 783-0607

Central Coast Hotline’s new “Save the Number” campaign encourages people of all ages to save that number to their phones so they’ll have direct access to mental health support and resources when they need it.

After months of hard work, Verdin is thrilled to launch this essential public awareness campaign—the creative outcome of The 2020 Give benefitting Transitions-Mental Health Association (TMHA).

“Central Coast Hotline is an invaluable resource for our community, during the pandemic and in the future. Our hope is that this campaign will assure people that they’re not alone. Help is just a call or text away,” President Mary Verdin said. “It’s been an honor to use our expertise as a marketing and PR firm to help connect people in our area with much-needed mental health support.”

Last year, the number of Americans who said they felt anxious increased by almost 400 percent, according to Mental Health America. But many people don’t know where to turn for support. To help solve this problem, Verdin partnered with TMHA to educate the public about SLO Hotline, the nonprofit’s free, confidential crisis line.

The Verdin and TMHA teams started by focusing on the hotline’s name. TMHA staff and volunteers felt that “SLO Hotline” didn’t fully capture the resource’s demographics and geographic reach, so moved to the more inclusive name Central Coast Hotline.

From there, Verdin created a campaign strategy and worked with Elliott Johnson Photography and Red Canary to develop a creative concept, a television ad, digital and print ads, a radio spot, photography, and social media assets—all at no cost.

“We aimed to create an eye-catching creative campaign to get the public’s attention. It was developed to be simple and bold for maximum legibility of the Central Coast Hotline,” Creative Director Megan Condict said. “The digital ads feature a stat-based animation using motion graphics that keep the hotline on screen for as long as possible.”

The campaign will run on local television and radio and appear in print on online, thanks to our 2020 Give sponsors, KSBY, OEYT, AGM, KVEC, Newstalk 920am, The Tribune, and New Times and Centro. Other sponsors who made this event possible include Boone Graphics, Highlight Media, the UPS Store in Marigold Center, PrintPal Promotion, The Sign Place, SLO Provisions, and Spark Yoga.

So keep an eye out for the “Save the Number” campaign, and don’t forget to save Central Coast Hotline—(800) 783-0607—to your phone. You might need it.

For more information about The 2020 Give, visit www.verdinmarketing.com or follow us on social media.

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