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In the San Luis Obispo County, less than 45% of people suffering from a mental illness receive treatment. As the California average is already low at 57%, this number is quite shocking.

For most of these people, they do not seek treatment due to the lack of financial means. These numbers will only continue to rise.

The Community Counseling Center (CCC) was established in 1968 to combat the shortage of affordable mental health services in the SLO County. Ever since then, it has been regarded as a pioneer in mental health as it offers therapy to those who need support but don’t qualify for public healthcare and are unable to afford consistent private counseling. The CCC’s preventative care methods keep their low-income clients from entering a spiraling mental health situation.

In 2017, CCC served more than 2,200 clients at X locations throughout SLO County. This is a 37.5% increase in therapy services from 2011. Considering the drastic increase in clients and trends in American mental health needs, the CCC decided it was time to expand its local headquarters space.

Thanks to the CCC’s Golden Anniversary Capital Campaign and a generous $505,000 donation from Vietnam Veteran Loron C. Cox, the historic Greenville house on 676 Pismo St. will serve as the new larger, permanent headquarters beginning in the Fall. The new space will give 1,000 SLO County residents the opportunity to receive affordable therapy, resulting in a near 50% increase in clients served annually.

Community Counseling Center of San Luis Obispo County

The house is undergoing renovations in preparation for the Community Counseling Center’s official move in mid-October. These upgrades include backyard landscaping, an exterior paint job, and new bricking in the driveway and back patio. The original hardwood fir floors and doors will be refinished to maintain the house’s original look. Soothing light fixtures are being installed as well.

Community Counseling Center of San Luis Obispo County

The CCC serves a broad population presenting with mild to moderate conditions. Clients range from the LGBTQ community to Spanish speakers to the homeless to teens. For more information, visit

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