Verdin Marketing Blog: Benefits of In-House Digital Media Buying


by: Lisa Campolmi, Media & Research Strategist

In-House Digital Media Buying Means Better Results for Clients

This summer we made a significant investment in our media buying capabilities at Verdin, enabling us to have direct control over our clients’ digital media spends, greatly increasing their ROI. This is a capability that sets us apart from the pack; we are one of the few, if not the only, agency in the region to offer this active management of media to clients.

Benefits of in-house media planning and buying:

  • Ease of testing messages and user response
  • Trackability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Improved results

The term “digital” advertising means different things to different experts. At Verdin, digital advertising includes programmatic advertising, social media advertising, streaming music advertising, and email marketing.


Programmatic is a term that became popular several years ago and has many definitions (just check Google!). It is a way to strategically place video, animated or static display advertising, using real time bidding on sites connected to the international ad exchange network. It requires a software interface that directly connects a digital media buyer to this network. Most agencies use a third party vendor, which adds cost, time and limits options.

Using programmatic advertising, a client can have their message served on a variety apps or websites, even on Connected TV applications (Amazon Fire Stick or Roku TV); we can place ads wherever our clients’ customers are, regardless of how they are watching.

Another benefit of programmatic advertising is its ability to create retargeting campaigns using coding (called a pixel) that drops a cookie onto the visitor’s device. This allows a new or follow up message to be served to that visitor at any time, on other sites. According to recent research by Digital Information World, website visitors who are retargeted with a second message are 70% more likely to come back to your website and take action.


Targeting the right message to the right audience has always been the goal of advertising. In-house programmatic buying gives us access to third party data that makes targeting more precise with a better return on investment.

Targeting can include the standards, like geographical locations of users (right down to geo-fencing around a specific area as small as a city building), age, gender and income. And now we can dive even deeper into targeting, to reach people with specific interests, hobbies and lifestyles. We can target them on any device they own, any time of day, on whatever website they prefer to visit, at a much lower cost than traditional advertising.


These campaigns are can be reviewed and optimized 24/7, allowing changes to be made to maximize results. Instead of finding out at the end of a month the success of a campaign, now we can track in real time and optimize a campaign as we go. Within the first two months, results for our clients have increased from 60% to 180% over past digital advertising campaigns.

Verdin is proud to continue to lead the way in digital advertising, and keeping up with the latest changes in the digital space. For more information on Verdin’s in-house media capabilities, contact Lisa Campolmi.

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