Verdin Marketing Blog: 5 Best Commercials to Watch this Holiday Season

5 Best Commercials to Watch this Holiday Season

by: Our Verdin Intern, Krista Hershfield

Malls are decorated, Starbucks has their annual coffee cups, and Michael Buble is playing on the radio again. That’s right, it’s time for the holidays!

Since holiday shopping starts as early as October, companies continue to outdo themselves with their holiday commercials. It may as well be Super Bowl commercial season!

I’ve rounded up my top five favorite commercials of the 2018 holiday season and surprisingly there were some commonalities between them all!

1. The Apple commercial “Share Your Gifts” is touching and inspiring. It reminds us that talents should be shared with the world, no matter how scary and vulnerable that is.

2. Every child (myself included) dreams of waking up to a puppy on Christmas morning. Pedigree does a funny twist of this concept in the perspective of the dog.

3. Coach uses the star power of Selena Gomez along with animated characters to create a humorous storyline.

4. Heathrow Airport is back with their bears to show that fun in the sun is not all that great when you’re not with your family during the holiday season. This commercial reminds the audience of the importance of being with loved ones.

5. Furry friends are the way to my heart, and Petco creates a touching story about a boy and his adopted dog from an animal shelter. As an owner of two adopted dogs myself, this commercial really resonated with me.

In the past, holiday commercials have given a warm and fuzzy feeling with the intent to bring people together. Many have themes with family, some are humorous, and some are simple. This year, there was a huge trend in the use of animation and little promotion of the company behind the advertisement themselves. These commercials use the power of story to get people interested.

Let us know what your favorite commercials are this holiday season!

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