2019: The Year of Accountability.

by: Kaitlyn Hoyer

This Should be Your Company’s New Year’s Resolution.

It’s that time of the year when our resolutions start to fall apart. Gym memberships have been bought and canceled, Taco Bell has been sworn off and devoured. It’s easy to get ahead of ourselves with the confidence the New Year can bring—but let’s not forget our good intentions. The good intentions will motivate us throughout the year, influence our decisions, and make things happen.

So why is this important to your company?

When it comes to business, the New Year may seem daunting. In 2018 the public lost trust in business, and with reason. Facebook user privacy was questioned, Apple admitted to slowing down older phones, Amazon workers complained about poor working conditions, and the #MeToo movement revealed sexual misconduct by several prominent figures.

How do we gain trust in a disillusioned, postmodern world?

Here are four things you can do, starting now!

  1. Start by taking accountability. When something goes wrong, own up to it and tell the truth—quickly. You can’t get cornered if you have nothing to hide.
  2. Tell your company’s truth. Embrace it. Be open about it. Lift the velvet curtain that lies between the company and the public.
  3. Encourage CEOs to step out of their offices—make them a face, not a figure. Stand up and take action for what your company believes in.
  4. Make promises your company can keep; and if it doesn’t keep a promise, tell consumers why.

Your company’s honesty and transparency will be appreciated.

What now?

Hopefully, even if your New Year’s Resolutions have fallen by the wayside, you can be optimistic for the future. In 2018 trust dwindled and the trend will likely continue into 2019, but be accountable despite it. Watch and learn from the mistakes we all see highlighted in the news. That’s how you’ll gain trust. That’s how you’ll stand out from the rest. Best of luck.

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