‘Add another plate to the table’ this holiday season


San Luis Obispo County is home to a bounty of fresh, locally grown food. Sadly, this food isn’t accessible to everyone who lives here. Can you imagine what it’s like seeing fruits and vegetables growing all around you and going home every night to an empty fridge?

Sadly, approximately 46,000 county residents struggle with hunger. The majority of these people are children and seniors. These individuals, our neighbors, rely on the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County to get the nutritious food they need to survive and thrive. The Food Bank, in turn, relies heavily on donations from the community to pay for the facilities, equipment and manpower needed to accomplish this life-giving mission.

Verdin was recently tasked with developing a fundraising campaign that would successfully convey these important details to our local community. “Add another plate to the table” educates more affluent residents about the presence of hunger in our community and empowers them to help make a difference for their neighbors.

The campaign is designed to show people that the Food Bank is more than a pantry. It is a multi-faceted organization leading the fight against food insecurity in our region by providing food to nearly 70 other nonprofits, The “Add another plate to the table” campaign shines a light on this fixable community problem and invites people to be part of the solution by donating to the Food Bank.

For the campaign, Verdin created two motion graphic ads, a fundraising mailer and poster, and design content for the Food Bank’s website. All of the work draws on the idea that SLO County has a communal dinner table at which we share not only our food, but our hopes, dreams, and fears. But currently, not all of our residents have a seat at that table.

The campaign uses images, text, and videos to put a human face on hunger, and assures people that the Food Bank is capable of making space at the community table for everyone—if we help them add more plates.

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