24-Hour Give

How did the 24-Hour Give Start?

Verdin used to throw a grand holiday party every year. Like, a really big one. In 2014, we had outdone ourselves so many times (think: circus party) that we stopped and asked how we could use that time, energy and budget to do something different. Something really meaningful for our community.

The idea we came up with was totally crazy: we wanted to do a complete rebrand of a nonprofit, for free, in 24 hours. The inspiration for this big idea came from our friends at StoneArch in Minneapolis who had dreamt up a similar idea with the RedEye Rebrand.

We knew we couldn't do it alone, so we reached out to other local businesses and received enthusiastic agreement from local media, a video production studio, printers, a photographer, website developers and even caterers, restaurants and a yoga studio to keep us going for the 24-hour period. We now have a dedicated team of community partners that returns every year, and we always welcome more support through a variety of businesses coming together and donating their services.

We pulled off the first 24-Hour Give in November 2014, and the response was overwhelming, resulting in more than $80,000 in services contributed by all involved. The grand reveal at the end of the 24 hours brought smiles, tears and the understanding that we had given something beneficial to someone who really deserves it. We knew we were going to keep doing this. And we haven’t stopped.

Every year, we’re in awe of the support we receive from our partners and the thousands of community members who nominate, vote and follow the progress. The most recent 24-Hour Give was a gift valued at $135,808 for Stand Strong. And we’re in the planning stages to offer this opportunity to a nonprofit in 2018.

To add another level of fun and excitement, the 24-Hour Give has a different theme every year. Join a “Mission: Made Possible,” step into “The Time Machine,” and cross into “The Twilight Zone” when you read the stories of past 24-Hour Gives below!

Previous 24-Hour Gives


SLO Food Bank

2019 24-Hour Give

SLO Food Bank works with more than 70 community partners to feed the nearly 46,000 men, women and children facing hunger in SLO County. Formerly known at the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County, SLO Food Bank distributes millions of pounds of nutritious food every year. Staff and volunteers also harvest unwanted fruits and vegetables from local fields and orchards and offer engaging education and outreach programs throughout the county.

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Stand Strong

2017 24-Hour Give

Stand Strong is a community leader on a mission to end domestic violence. Formerly known as the Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County, they were ready to communicate they serve more than women, and provide more than shelter. Along with offering safe housing, counseling and legal services to survivors, Stand Strong is starting bold conversations that educate and encourage the entire community to stand together and prevent future violence.

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Meals That Connect

2016 24-Hour Give

Some senior citizens in San Luis Obispo County have to choose between medicine and meals. Meals That Connect (formerly Senior Nutrition Program) is a nonprofit that serves a free, nutritious lunch every weekday to seniors in dining rooms throughout the county, and delivers meals to homebound seniors. This organization needed to make our community aware of the hardships seniors face when it comes to obtaining meals and finding a community.

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Literacy for Life

2015 24-Hour Give

Imagine not being able to help your children with their homework, or fill out a job application for a position you know you’re qualified for. Literacy for Life – formerly known as the SLO Literacy Council – is an organization that empowers adult learners and their families to develop English communication skills to improve access to opportunities, and lead fuller and more productive lives.

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2014 24-Hour Give

Sports is a common bond, a teaching tool, and a platform from which to share life lessons. Operation C.O.Y. (Coaching our Youth) is a residential sports camp for at-risk, adolescent males, equipping them with the tools they need to navigate their individual environments and and set a positive course for their lives. This organization received the highest number of votes to become the recipient of Verdin's first-ever 24-Hour Give.

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