“To create success and inspire, through the power of our work.”

That’s our mission. Here’s how we lived it out in 2017.

The past 12 months brought to our agency:

Exciting Client Success.

ventura beach image

Tourism Highlight

Ventura County Coast Draws New Travelers Through Video


Nonprofit Highlight

A Custom Board Allows a Wheel-chair-Bound teen to surf again

hand on computer

Public Information

39 MWWs captured in 2017


Did You Catch One of Our Clients on the Rachael Ray Show?


White Papers

The establishment of the
Better Betterment Bureau.


The BBB organized team building events throughout the year, brought back weekly wine hours, supported the SLO food Bank's Hunger Awareness Walk, and launched our agency's competitive internal ping-pong tournament.

A restructuring of our core values.

We gathered input from the team about personal values, and examined how our agency has grown in the past decade, to restructure our previous six core values into:


of Donuts

donuts gif

(We really like donuts.)

“Inspiration Day.”

This year, we gave each employee the option to use one day of company time engaging in an activity that inspires him or her.

Visiting yarn shops in Cambria

Eco-art therapy workshop

Trying a new yoga class

Spontaneous photography project

Creative writing exercises at the beach

Visiting an art museum

Taking a ceramics class

Photographing a wedding

Graphic Designer, Elizabeth Tuck, at The Rijk in Amsterdam


donated to the winner of the
24-Hour Give.

We brought back the 24-Hour Give for the fourth year in a row, performing an overnight rebrand for Stand Strong with the help of a spectacular team of community partners.




14 anniversary photo

Mary founded this agency in 2003 with a laptop and a card table, and look where we are today!

There you have it!

We have lots of people to thank.

Like our clients, partners, family and friends.

But enough of the sappy stuff.

We have work to do.